Who Said Girls Can’t Woodburn?

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.”

Lalah Deliah

Sundays are fun days! Lately, I’ve been caught up with using wood as my canvas. In the last post, I talked about sticking to a hobby. Therefore, I had to share my love of woodburning. I usually use small pieces of wood because I know I’ll finish faster. I’ve completed so many woodburning projects from wooden bookmarks to personalized platters. Each has brought me joy to know that I’ve made it.

This weekend was my rebirth of ‘Crafty Sundays,’ where I indulge in my hobbies and create a craft every week. This time I used woodburning to create a set of coasters with inspirational words.

Watch below for a quick woodburning overview:

Easy Pyrography

I’m definitely a person who does not like to delay gratification. I don’t consider myself a product of the millennial era either but I like to see rewards as immediately as possible, once I can control it. Therefore, it’s always rewarding to know I’ll finish my wood burning project in an hour or less. Plus, it’s always fun to see the end result.

In contrast, another hobby of mine is crocheting. Though I am sticking to it, it also usually takes longer to complete. Therefore, it has temporarily been put on a distant rotation in my hobby schedule.

When I first started woodburning, honestly, in my experience, there were mostly men teaching about it. That’s great! However, it was intimidating at first as I began feeling it’s something mostly men did. Nonetheless, it encouraged me to do it more.

Think about when you go to the gym, as a lady, 90% of the time, the men are hogging the arm machines. It’s intimidating at first, but then I think, why can’t I have definition in my arms too?

Anyone can woodburn. As with every hobby, it takes practice and dedication. Don’t miss out, find a hobby and stick to it!

In summary, never be afraid to try something new. Next time I’ll do a full wood burning video with tips that have helped me.

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