The Power of Lipstick

“I believe all women are beautiful without makeup — but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

So you guessed it, this post is mainly about makeup. Honestly, I’ve never been interested in makeup as I always enjoyed being naturally bare.

However, as I grew older and learned about all the things that could be done with makeup, I’ve slowly grown to try every new trend.

However, no makeup could be complete without the perfect lipstick. In my opinion, lipstick is the first thing that stands out when you’re wearing makeup.

A handsome guy passes by… Do you know what he’s most likely not saying, “Wow! Look at her lipstick.”

However, I bet he’s most likely saying, “Her lips look great!”

Choosing the right color is essential. Fun colors are great at the right time. However, if you’re going for the daily look, nude colors with a hint of pink is always my go to for a fantastic look.

Pros of Lipstick

  • Moisture: Good quality lipstick is supposed to moisturize your lips. If not, invest in better lipstick or definitely moisturize your lips first. Dry lips are not going to improve with lipstick and in contrast may cause lips to crack more.
  • Empower: Did you know in the late 1890s and 1900s, around the suffrage movement, lipstick empowered women to break out of societal definitions? It showed that women were less afraid to show who they were and in fact proudly wore it, particularly at the work place.
  • Illuminates Your Beauty: It should go without saying that lipstick can accentuate the shape or size of your lips. This adds to the makeup you worked so hard on.
  • Increases Kissability: Besides being fun to say, Kissability is a thing. Gorgeous looking lips add that urge to be kissed. So I’m almost sure that’s where that totally single handsome guy is next going to think, “How do I get to kiss those lips?”
  • Define Your Look: Lipstick definitely defines your look and adds to the overall appearance of your makeup.
  • Builds Confidence: I can’t pinpoint the science behind it, but I’ve asked around and learned that wearing lipstick definitely boosts your confidence. Women who wear lipstick especially the colorful shades tend to have more fun, feel more flirty or sexy. Don’t take my word for it. How do you feel when you wear lipstick? Or if you do not wear lipstick, just ask a close friend or look at the difference when she’s wearing lipstick.

Check out my video for this quick look;

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