Skin Fasting?

So I know about fasting to cleanse your body, but I was shocked to learn about fasting to cleanse your skin.


Skin fasting which apparently originated in the millennial era is where people fast. Just kidding! It’s fasting, but not from food. It’s a way to rejuvenate skin by abstaining from facial products including lotions and makeup. Basically, you won’t be putting anything on your face except water.

According to National Consumer Survey, 1.6 million people spent an average of $500 on skin care products throughout the year, for 2018.

Why Skin Fast?

It’s essentially a reboot for your skin. A way to heal, rejuvenate and detox your skin from chemicals

When your body stops doing something it is accustomed to it can go into shock. However, this may not always be a bad thing.

Think about food fasting, your body goes into shock because it is accustomed to eating. In moderate portions, it’s the nutrient rich fuel your body needs.

However, when you fast, it’s losing fuel and nutrients so it begins to tap into the stored fat. Notably, after your food fast, your body may actually attempt to over compensate when you do begin eating again, by storing extra food to avoid a shock to your system again.

Let’s get back to skin fasting. In skin fasting, your skin does not need chemicals for fuel. In fact the food you eat, stress, genetics and other factors are what determines your skins needs.

Consequently, it is less likely to go into shock when you take away something that it can do without. Think about it. Before we started using skin products, our skin was just fine. Your body is made to self heal and reasonably take care of itself. It usually only requires a gentle push and most times that answer is found in a healthy diet.

However, this does not apply to people who use facial and skin care products prescribed by their doctor as a course of treatment for a skin correction.


  1. You may learn more about your skin than you thought you knew after a reboot, such as which products have really been working and which products are not needed.
  2. In an ever expanding time of using harmful chemicals as preservatives and more, skin fasting gives a way to cleanse skin and bring it back to it’s natural state.
  3. Supposedly, once your skin returns to its natural state, it also creates a natural barrier to protect skin from germs, pollution, free radicals, dryness, UV Ray’s and more.
  4. You can choose how long you would like to skin fast, usually at least two weeks to let the toxins rid themselves from your body.
  5. Skin fasting also allows you to save money because you won’t be running to the store to buy these expensive products.
  6. No more over cleansing and dryness. Your skin should re-learn how to balance itself.


I’m left with more questions than answers. If you’ve tried a skin fast, share your thoughts.

  • Does it even work?
  • Can you really detox your skin?
  • Is this how skin works?
  • Wouldn’t products actually detox your skin?
  • Would I have to abstain from natural products also?
  • What if it doesn’t work, can it make my skin worst?

  1. Every skin type is different, therefore it is hard to determine the effects of a skin fast unless you try it.
  2. Notably, this is a fairly new trend, meaning adequate studies have not been done on the topic. Also, trends come and go.
  3. Additionally, going two or more weeks without facial products or makeup may be a scary thought for some people. It may even seem impossible.


Try at your own risk!

Right now I try to use naturally derived products on my face. However, I have to practice what I preach. I will be trying a skin fast for two weeks and I will update this post as needed.

See you at the next post,

With Love,

Baddish n Brainy

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