Rice Water Review

There’s a belief that using the water from boiled rice has immense benefits for hair growth. I love to try hair myths so I had to test it. Here’s what I found.


  • Very easy to make, you’re basically boiling water and adding rice. Then you take the excess water.
  • Low cost, rice is relatively affordable to buy.
  • Water in general is a natural moisturizer for natural hair.
  • I added Olive oil which adds nutrients to hair.
  • Rice is a grain that has an array of benefits. You can read more here
  • Supposed to promote hair growth
Rice Water Review| What are your thoughts?


  • No scientific evidence to prove it works
  • Possibly a waste of rice unless you make sure to use it after.
  • Depends on the type of rice used. I used parboiled rice. However, different types of rice may provide higher or lower benefits.
  • May have to use for an extended time to see any possible results. I used it for a month and a half but I will continue to use it.


It doesn’t hurt to try it. So far, I must say since using rice water my curls have been a lot more moisturized. However, that could also be because of the olive oil I added.

I would recommend you try it yourself but be prepared to be dedicated. [bctt tweet=”Rice water is not a method you try once and expect it to instantaneously add growth.”] You would have to be patient to see results if any. I will continue to try rice water and hopefully create a new post in a few months with before and after pictures.

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