Pricing Packages

Pricing Packages

$30 – $480

Pay-Per-Session Pay-Per Month Program Bundle
$25- $30$22$20
*6 session minimum*8 session minimum* Full 24 Sessions
• This option allows
clients to explore our
academic program
with a flexible choice
to pay for each

• No minimum session if charged at the $30
•This option allows
clients the flexibility to pay for an entire
month of tutoring

• Enjoy a savings of
$72 in comparison to
the Pay-Per Session
• This option allows
clients to receive the
full benefit of our
academic program
without interruption.

• Clients ultimately
save by paying one
low-priced upfront fee or two installments
for the entire program.
$150/ 6 sessions $176/8 sessions$480/ 24 sessions


Schedule an initial consultation or purchase a tutoring assessment package below.

Exploratory Session

No minimum session for this tutoring session if charged at the $30 rate. Invest in your child's future today.


Program Bundle

Pay one low-priced upfront fee or two installments for the entire program. Invest in your child's future today!


At Future Seeds Academy, we strive to make quality tutoring, affordable and attainable. Our tutors travel to their students allowing students to learn in a comfortable environment. Why invest?

  • The goal of these tutoring sessions is to help your child to become a more skilled and confident student.
  • Our teachers are New York State Certified and adhere to Common Core Standards
  • Tutoring sessions will be scheduled at a convenient time for you. You may request more sessions if needed.
  • Tutoring sessions take place at a minimum of 2 sessions per week, during after-school or weekend hours.
  • Each session will last about 60 minutes. It is recommended to schedule meal time and bathroom breaks prior to or after the session

Price Guarantee: Our pricing packages will not increase throughout your sessions. To address growing concerns, we deem it necessary to say that over the last year, we have raised our prices by fifteen percent in order to retain quality certified tutors. However, our prices are still extremely competitive. We guarantee that we will not raise your rate once you have signed and locked in your package. This applies to all price packages.