Ocean Rice for Sensory Table

Four Easy steps

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

We used white rice from Dollar tree and water colors. The colors varied from turquoise to a regular green and a sea green. We even added a cup of water to dilute the colors to create different hues.

Step 2: Pour the rice into a large mixing bowl.

We made so many batches of these because the kids loved creating them and playing with the water colors. The first batch we used clear bags and added water. However, it was basically like mixing rice soup with color. The children couldn’t even see the rice but they still had fun mixing. Using water resulted in a lighter shade of blue, but this time we wanted to go full strength to get that rich blue ocean color.

Step 3: Add watercolor to rice

If you have a large batch, add plenty watercolor. If not, a gentle squeeze of the bottle or a few drops work well. It won’t be any darker if you add more watercolors.

Step 4: Mix, mix, mix

Mixing is the best part. It’s best to use a small spoon to avoid little blue handprints all over your wall.

Let it dry overnight and that’s it! Voila!

Now you have blue rice for your ocean. We continued by creating different colors to have a calm sea green ocean.

Now it’s time to let the children enjoy their work. Oh! Just in case you were wondering, if you put the rice in water again, the water takes off the color you worked so hard to create.

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