Natural Hair? |5 Things You Should Not Do

5. Don’t give up on your hair

You’ve worked so hard and I know it seems frustrating sometimes but don’t give up on your hair. Give it time and it will get to where you want it, reasonably speaking. When I say reasonably speaking, I mean don’t expect ankle length hair in 3 months.

Additionally, this is probably the only time I’ll say, don’t set expectations, because you may be sadly disappointed. Just relax and give it time.

4. Don’t forget to moisturize often

So I make sure to moisturize my hair at least three (3) times a week. I’ve recently set a hair goal to have the healthiest hair possible for me. After about two (2) months of continuous blowouts, I did some real heat damage to my hair. As a result, I felt as if my hair growth was stagnant.

When you continuously moisturize your hair, it helps it to be healthy because it’s gaining the nutrients it needs to thrive.

In the past, I’ve used coconut oil which leaves it oily but also gives it nutrients. However, after I made the 6 tips to hair growth video, I remembered Shea butter. Natural or raw shea butter has made my hair feel very soft. This is one way I know my hair is being moisturized.

My hair sucks up oil quickly so it needs a retouch of moisture often. It is also important to keep your hair moisturized with satin bonnets at night.

6 Natural Hair Growth Tips

3. Don’t towel dry your hair.

Towels dry out your hair and snags at your hair follicles. So while you’re running that towel all over your head, you’re pulling hairs and possibly causing damage.

Micro fiber towels are a new subject for me. Therefore, I cannot share more information on it until I have personally tried it. Honestly, I am reluctant to try it because in my opinion, it is still a towel. It simply absorbs water better.

Nonetheless, I still grab an old cloth T-shirt and cover my head. This works wonders for me. My hair also takes a long time to dry because it’s thick. Thus, after some excess water has been soaked up with the T-shirt, I let it air dry.

2. Don’t put excess heat.

Heat causes breakage, especially if you do it often. If it’s once in a while, you should be okay. However, if it’s every week, slow down.

Using heat protectors help diminish the damage, however nothing is 100%. Additionally, make sure to clip your ends often to avoid possible damage from spreading.

1. Don’t try every product on the market.

So I know you’re saying, why not? Aren’t you supposed to try different products to see how your hair reacts?

Think about food, are you trying every single type of food out there? Maybe, but you also have learned, you have to read or know about the ingredients in the food to be selective of what goes in your body.

Hair is similar. Be selective of what’s good for your hair. If you haven’t already heard, sulfates dry your natural hair. Therefore, it’s safe to say avoid sulfates in your ingredients.

Similarly, parabens, mineral oil, fragrances and a list of other ingredients are not good for your hair. Don’t take my word for it, read more about the list of unhealthy natural hair ingredients at the Naturall Club.

Hope this list helps.

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