Mofajang Color Wax Review

First off, I must say, I’ve never truly colored my hair. I have a fear of bleaching my hair and then it falling out. Thus, I’m in no rush to ever color my hair, besides, what if I don’t like the color?

Enter this temporary hair color wax that’s sweeping the hair world by storm. Mofajang is a growing popular name that applies to your hair easily and washes off when you’re done.

Best Thing for Adding Temporary Color


  • Washes off easily when you wash your hair
  • Temporary hair color
  • Comes in red, purple, gray, green and blue. Maybe even more fun colors
  • Fun for color enthusiasts who are afraid to commit (like me).
  • Color appears more vivid in the sun
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • The color can stay on for up to a week with good care.
  • Very lightweight
  • The wax itself is smooth to apply


  • Can come off easily if your head is pressed on something
  • Can form very slight, small clumpy dots if not rubbed in properly. (Just rub it in properly)


Mofajang color hair wax is extremely fun when you want to switch up colors without commitment. I plan to try them all, even the gray.

However, I do recommend getting a strong holding spray to keep the wax from coming off onto seats, or hands when you touch it.

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