It’s a Party| Happy 100th!

It was finally the 100th day of school on Thursday. Therefore, the class celebrated on Thursday, and it was only right that they also celebrated on Friday. I’m still reeling from the excitement today (Saturday).

The 100th day marks a milestone for the children and teachers alike. That’s a hundred days of learning, building friendships, becoming self-aware and more, and that’s just for the children. A hundred days for teachers, is a reminder of how many days are left until the next grade. Though teachers are constantly reassessing goals for their class, it’s a wake up call to make sure the children are on track for those goals.

100th Day Celebration

A major part of the celebration was a lot of counting. During the celebration, the children;

  • Counted a hundred pennies
  • Counted a hundred mini marshmallows (they ate them after)
  • Counted a hundred unifix cubes by groups of ten
  • Jumped to 100 showing off their cool dance moves
  • Made the visual representation of 100 with apple slices and apple circles
  • Stayed healthy with yogurt parfaits
  • Got free prizes (100 prizes to choose from including rings, toy cars, bubbles and much more.)

Though the celebration was fantastic, I don’t think people understand how much time and energy goes into teaching. Teaching essentially intertwines with your life to the point where unless you learn to separate life and teaching, it will consume your life.

I know of teachers who go home dreaming about teaching after they have already put in a full days work.

In many other professions, once you leave the work place, that’s it. Your home life begins, you can go home and cook, relax, go to the gym, enjoy the finer things. However, in teaching, once you leave the work place you most likely still have to go home and do paperwork, grade papers, plan lessons, figure out how to best reach each child. It’s never ending!

So this is an ode to teachers and every other profession where it’s hard to leave work at work. Hats off to you for your dedication. Find a reason to celebrate, enjoy life and appreciate all the things you do!

Here’s to enjoying the rest of the school year. Happy 100th!

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