I’m not Kidding| Black soap does that?| 5 Benefits of black soap

African black soap is loaded with vitamins A and E. It’s no wonder, it’s so good for your skin. It does so much, I had to make a list of the top 5 benefits of black soap.

I’m a long time user of black soap all over my body. However, I was always terrified to use it on my face. I was always afraid it would create breakouts. Nonetheless, this week I stomped on my fear and used black soap consistently for a 7 days. Here’s what happened.

5. Fights Acne

I usually don’t get pimples unless it’s stress related or it’s around that time. However, during the 7 days of consistently using black soap on my face, not one pimple showed up. In fact, the few I had, went away.

4. Naturally Exfoliates Skin

So I noticed a lot of rough patches on my skin completely faded. My face was extremely smooth by the 7th day. In addition, since I also use it all over my body, I noticed that whenever I rubbed it onto the heels of my feet, no matter how cracked, they always seemed smoother.

3. Minimizes Stretch Marks

I have the pictures to prove it. If you’ve been following my other posts, you may have seen my video on an Apple cider vinegar and clay mask for my stretch marks. You may also know from my post on 6 Beauty myths, I believe that stretch marks never truly go away. With that being said, I never expected my stretch marks to dissipate with black soap.

They surely didn’t, however, they have faded considerably. To be clear, my stretch marks did not fade within this 7 day experiment for my face. However, over the course of me using black soap on my body, my stretch marks have considerably faded.

2. Natural Antibacterial Cleanser

So it’s a soap! It’s main function is to be an Antibacterial cleanser and black soap surely delivers. Sporadically, I use toner to check to see if my face soap is leaving behind residue. You’d be surprised at how much do. However, this soap did not. This gave me that confidence that my skin was being adequately cleaned.

1. Toner/ Evens skin discolorations

I’m not kidding. Black soap has cleared my unsightly dark marks in my 7 day experiment. I couldn’t even imagine it could do that! Without using any other fading or skin lightening products, black soap has evened out my skin tone. I honestly, wish I knew this when I was younger. My skin was very uneven in my puberty and high school days.

Oh well! Thankfully I know it now and I can share it with you.

It also tones under arms as I have learned from using it on my body over the years.

Experiment Details

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Inexpensive
  • Great benefits for skin
  • Loaded with vitamins to nourish and heal skin.

Soap: I used only Dudu Osun black soap for this experiment.

Hypothesis: Dudu Osun black soap will have little effect in this experiment.

Time Limit: 7 days

T-Test: Used once daily in the morning

Population Subject: Me, myself and I

Results: Dudu Osun had a major effect on the discolorations on my face. Day 1 (refer to image above), my face was filled with pronounced dark marks. Similarly, my baby marks (stretch marks) were very defined. However, on day 7, with consistent use, my face is almost completely clear of dark marks. The stretch marks are still very prominent but visibly smoother (to touch as well).

Conclusion: Dudu Osun raw black soap works wonders and is packed with vitamins for skin. However, it can be very drying and should only be used once daily and with a moisturizer.

My only question is; Why haven’t I tried this sooner?

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