Dear Teachers, It’s a Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day!

Finally, in New York there is prediction of snow that caused a school closure. Honestly, all winter long, teachers I know personally, have been praying for a snow day. However, there simply just was not enough snow.

New York has had snow storm warnings, but those only resulted in low to no accumulation. Since winter began, there has been one major snow storm.

My Snow Day Horror Story

It was terrible!

During this snow storm of November 2018, the city was the most unprepared I’ve ever seen. I had to sit in my car for 8 hours in the Bronx waiting to move from one side to the next. Sitting in traffic, with hundreds of drivers surrounding me. I had to resort to watching Netflix on my phone because no cars were moving.

If any teachers in New York remember this please share your thoughts. I remember leaving work around 5:30pm because there were parent-teacher conferences that day. Understandably, some parents did not show up. However, I did not get to my home in Queens until after 1:30am. I left Manhattan and decided that passing through the Bronx would prove faster, because Manhattan was a parking lot. However, I was so wrong.

If you’re wondering, the only thing I did was stop for gas. Thankfully so, otherwise I could have been stranded. There were accidents galore on the streets and cars turned in all different directions due to skidding. It was a true snow Horror story.

Worst part is, in my 8 hour car therapy session of Netflix and music, I was able to hear other horror stories from adjacent drivers. [bctt tweet= “I engaged in conversation with one teacher, who stated she had been in the same spot for 12 hours just waiting for traffic to move.”] She was heading from Manhattan to New Jersey. Unfortunately, one part of the New Jersey bridge had temporarily closed resulting in one lane of traffic for the thousands of cars needed to go past.

Fast Forward

Well fast forward to present day and I am truly thankful for a snow day. [bctt tweet= “I originally planned to wake up late. I even went to sleep much later than usual. However, my body is still on teacher time. I still woke up early.”] However, now I get to work on lesson plans, blogging.

In my Happy 100th post, I stated; [bctt tweet= “People really don’t understand how much of your life goes into teaching.”] On this blessed day off, I’m still thinking about lesson plans.

Snow Day Plans

Later, I will focus on paperwork. However, right now, I’m planning to enjoy my snow day by making snow men with my kids before they grow too big to appreciate the little things.

[bctt tweet= “Kids grow up so fast, that now is the time to teach them to appreciate being kids. Not having a worry in the world.”]

“Life is what you bake of it.”

Today, we’re making cupcakes. My 10 year old daughter has taken a fascination with the show ‘Kids Baking Challenge.’ So today we’re going to continue that exploration. It has truly been fun and messy.

They’re Having Fun There

This is completely unrelated, but I just realized, while I’m enjoying the snow day here, thousands of my Trinidadian and Tobagonian people are having fun in soca land. [bctt tweet= “Happy Carnival Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹.”]

Happy Snow ☃️❄️ day!

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