Counting With Blocks

Currently, the children are exploring Architecture. Therefore, it was only right to do a lesson with counting and building.

Count then build with large blocks.

The children were separated into groups where one group found numbers posted around the classroom. They then had fun walking around collecting numbers then counting out amounts to build with.

This allowed this group who have difficulty sitting for long periods to move around and explore while still counting and building.

Building with medium blocks

Similar to the first group, this group also built with blocks. However, they were content to build at the table and enjoyed the variety of blocks used to build with.

These blocks were a lot smaller than the building blocks used on the carpet but they were just as fun.

The last group had things a bit more challenging. They built with blocks but were also given a stack of orange cards numbered 1-5. They then had to subtract a number they drew from the orange pile of numbers. (It’s May! So yes the kids are working on their subtraction skills.)

We called it Subtraction Jenga but figured it would be more fun to use the multicolored blocks.

Download the free number printable below. The numbers go from 1-50

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