Clay• Collage• Create|Pre-K Literacy and Art

When you think of art and literacy, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? When I first explored the idea, I thought of simply painting letters.

However, art integrated into literacy delves deeper on a cognitive level. Art is a form of free expression that allows you to express your ideas in different ways and mediums.

In the classroom, the goal is for children to express their thoughts in different ways. Therefore, when it comes to literacy, it’s no different.

Art and Letters


The children explored and created letters through artistic channels. Clay is a tactile way to connect learning to real life. When the children use clay for letter making, they have to cognitively think of the formation of the letters.

To keep clay soft, roll it into a ball, then spray some water into a hole created at the top. Store in an airtight plastic bag.


Collage sounds similar to crafting, however it’s not. Collaging is a form of art allowing you to place a collection of paper or other materials wherever your heart desires. On the other hand, crafting encompasses creating using by hand, usually with pre cut materials.

The children were encouraged to create a collage using an assortment of paper. Some created abstract pieces while some created collaged letters.


When it comes to literacy and art, creating is limitless. There is always something to be created.

The children explored letters using tape and paint for this activity. They were better able to grasp a concrete knowledge of the letters as they used tape to create a letter. They then had fun painting over their creation with assorted paints.

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