Can You do this?|21 Day Challenge

Have you been working on your summer body? If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’ll realize the evenings are getting brighter and the days are beginning to look longer. That’s the signal that Spring is right around the corner.

If you haven’t been working on your body goals all winter now it’s time to play catch up. I have been inconsistent with my winter workouts but thankfully I haven’t fallen too badly off. My weight has maintained and my overall body has also maintained it’s shape.

However, I didn’t get the muscle definition I was supposed to be working towards. I’m not going to complain about my problem, instead I’ll work on fixing it.

21 Day Challenge.

Resist Temptations

Each week for the next three weeks, you have to give up something. You will give it up for the entire 21 days in a gradual form. The goal is to eventually not be interested in your 3 worst unhealthy food choices.

[bctt tweet=”I’m not an advocate for starving your body of its cravings but I’ve learned it’s a necessary evil for accomplishing your goals.”] Besides, you also need to dig deeper as to why your body is craving certain foods, but that’s a different story.

In this challenge, I’m giving up bread, sugary goodness and fried chicken.

Week 1: Bread causes the most bloating to my body, so I’ll start with giving up bread in the first week. So that’s 21 days of no bread, easier said than done.

Week 2: Sugar is also a no no because it tends to stick around my obliques (love handles) area. Though food does not just zone to one area, I noticed when I eat sweets often, that area seems to be affected the most.

Therefore by week two, I definitely will have prepared my body to not eat food with excess sugar. Sugary goodness in this list consist of; soda ( which I don’t drink anyway but there are many sugary drinks that are not soda), cookies, non protein bars and any food advertised as having 25grams of sugar and up. According to lifeline, a woman should intake no more than 25grams (6 teaspoons) of sugar daily, while a man should intake no more than 37.5 grams (9 teaspoons).

Week 3: I’m a huge lover of fried chicken, so this is the hardest thing for me to give up. However, this staggered effect means I’ll hopefully only be giving up fried chicken for one week. Hey, it’s a start!

Ideally, you should be able to eat anything else in moderation. However, your meal portions should also be considerably smaller.

[bctt tweet= “It’s mental! Telling yourself you need all these unhealthy foods, is a mindset that you have to change in order to be effective at your body goals.”] Now it’s your turn to choose your three types of kryptonite and give them up gradually for this 21 day challenge.

[bctt tweet="If not for your body, do it for your health."]


So in collaboration with watching what you eat, you have to work out. [bctt tweet=”Exercise gives you a boost in energy and cognitive thinking just to name a few.”]

I’m not saying work out 21 days straight but out of those 21 days, you should be working out at least 3 times a week. If you do the math, that’s only 9 days for the month, at least. That really isn’t too much to ask and it’s something you should definitely be able to squeeze into your schedule. Whether it’s exercising at the gym or at home, jumpstart your healthy body with this 21 day challenge. Can you do it?

Coming up next;

I’ll show you one of my moderate oblique workouts that has really been working to reduce my muffin top, and gives me a vote of confidence.

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