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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin

So in the last post, we talked about “Beginning a Blog” where we focused on the beginning stages of writing a blog. In this post, I hope to expand that thinking as I discuss what inspired me to write as well as some ideas I’ve been thinking about.


  • Why Blog?
  • Ideas
  • Support
  • What’s Next

Why Blog?

I’ve always considered writing to be a passion. In my experience so far, it has always been easier to write than to engage in public speaking. When I’m working on my YouTube videos, I have to literally prepare myself mentally to talk, even though it’s usually not in a public setting.

I turn on my favorite soca playlist, which I call my happy music and then I set out to work setting aside that mental fear. That’s how I start my mental process.


In this ever changing world of technology, texting has begun straining simple conversations. As a result, one way I generate ideas is by engaging in conversations about daily life. I call up a friend or draw on conversations I had during the day and automatically ideas flow like water.

Next, it’s brainstorming time! I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t start with that first. Well, we are often social creatures and seek social input. However, once you move past social interactions, it’s time to dig deep. Brainstorm and write a list of ideas you’d like to write about.


Writing has always been a first step in gathering my thoughts as a plan for my talking points.

However, after posting videos, blog posts and getting advice from friends, reader feedback drives encouragement to continue writing. That’s where consistency comes in. Keeping that encouragement and inspiration going, in my opinion, is key to writing a good blog. As well as keeping things brief.

What’s Next?

Next, I’ll begin adding tutorial posts because I’m sure you wouldn’t want to keep reading my rants. So stay tuned!

I challenged myself to write at least one post everyday for a month. That’s my goal! Then I’ll take a break. “Beginning a Blog” has really set a foundation for inspiring my blog. Anyway, thanks for reading!

With Love,


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