Beginning a Blog

“And suddenly you just know, that it’s time to start something new, and test the magic of beginnings.”

– Author Unknown

Beginning a Blog is the first step to writing your thoughts on paper…. But how?

When I first began this blog I had so many thoughts to share but sitting to begin writing was the hardest part. I began scouring the internet for inspiration until I realized, my inspiration had to come from within. This post discusses my mental preparation for beginning my first blog post.

First off, I must say, life is a journey that brings new challenges everyday. I had to view writing as a challenge I had to conquer in order for me to complete this post.

Step 1: Release your fear of writing

When you’re holding on to every negative thought of writing such as, “What do I write, what if no one likes it, I’ll write it later. ” It develops procrastination that is difficult to shake. Release those thoughts to allow your mental process to flow.

Step 2: Go with your first idea.

It seems silly at first but go with your idea. Remember that gut feeling that most people try to ignore? Don’t do it! That gut feeling is your first idea. Even if you change your ideas later, going with that initial idea paves the way for a clear mind and allows your mental process to flow. That line is going to be the catch phrase of this post pretty soon.

Step 3: Begin Writing when there 
is minimal distraction.

Once you begin writing, stick to it. You’ll find that when you write at times with continuous distractions, you’re most likely to stop writing. Once you stop writing, it’s harder to get back in it. Trust me! I’m still working on my book 6 months later, and I’m still on the first chapter. Once you stop writing, you’re interpreting your… (You guessed it) mental process from flowing. Ideas her distorted or lost. You may gain new ideas but sometimes it’s just not the same.

Step 4: Keep it simple

It’s like your first day back at the gym! Keep it simple! Give your brain more time to recuperate and gather new thoughts. Your first post should be simple, more of an introduction to build that foundation for your writing habits. Keep your mental process flowing, but know when to give it a break also.

Step 5: Be consistent

I did it! Now I can stop! No! As with every success story in life, you have to write consistently. Imagine if after making the first car, no one decided to make it better, where would we be now? Once you have jump started your creative mental process, don’t stop! Set a schedule to help to write consistently. I’m taking my own advice and had ‘Alexa’ schedule writing every Tuesday and Friday. It doesn’t have to be everyday, just make it a schedule you can stick to.

That’s my last piece of advice. Hope it helped. Leave your comments below if you think I forgot a helpful tip that could help someone.

With Love,

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