A Pop of Color!

Spring is almost here and winter has me feeling dull. Mofajang to the rescue! I’ve always seen the Instagram posts with many naturals adding blue, grey, purple, green and other mofajang colors to their hair. However, having never colored my hair before, I was reluctant to try it until a few coworkers started the trend in the workplace. This was my chance to experiment for myself.

This is not a review of mofajang so I won’t go into too much details here.

However, I’m so glad I tried it. It added that pop of color that has me thinking to permanently add some red. The first time I tried it, I was still scared of hair damage so I applied a small amount.

A Pop of Color| Easy Protective Natural Hairstyle with Mofajang

However, there is still plenty in the jar, so the next hairstyle with mofajang will be an in-depth review with a generous amount applied to my hair.

I’ve had the product in my hair for about a week now and though it feels as if it makes my hair stiffer, the color is still there. It’s a wax after all, so I expected it to change my hair somewhat.

Nonetheless, it’s the pop of color I needed to revamp my hair for the last few weeks of winter. In a previous post, Naturally a Pearl, I talked about my journey of being natural and loving my hair. Adding color to my hair, made me fall in love with my hair again.

This is the year to do something different, have some fun and reinvent your sense of style. It’s time to fall in love with your hair all over again by adding a washable wax color. Oh did I forget to tell you? Mofajang stays on until you wash it off… Though not as bright. Nonetheless, there are many hair color wax options out there, look for the one that’s best for you. Spring is right around the corner, don’t just add color to your closet, go bold and add it to your hair. I’ll be going bold with you!

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