6 Beauty Myths|True or False?

A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.

Alan Watts

Myth 1: You should never put oil on oily skin.


I have very oily skin and I love it. In fact, I believe it contributes to keeping my youth. Nonetheless, in my opinion you should definitely put non-comedogenic oil on skin to keep it moistured especially if you are in a place with winter weather. Next steps are finding the right oil for your skin.

According to Greatist, “Using an oil can help replenish your skin’s natural oils, which can keep oil levels balanced and breakouts at bay.” Not saying you should over do it with the oils, just everything in moderation. Recognize when your skin is thirsty for moisture.

Myth 2: Preparation H, gets rid of dark circles under your eye.


A friend told me this one so I definitely had to do my research. I am definitely not putting preparation H under my eyes. According to an article at self.com, though preparation H has all the ingredients to help circulate blood flow, under eyes are not an area it would benefit.

Myth 3: Stretch marks go away over time


I say this from personal experience. Also, it is important to remember that stretch marks are tiny tears on a deeper level in your skin. It is still essentially skin, so though it will fade over time, it never completely guess away. Don’t take my word for it, though new medical treatments such as laser surgery essentially guarantee eradicating stretch marks, you’ll never know unless you do it. However, my pockets are personally not deep enough for me to try that route yet. Additionally, according to Cynthia Cobb and Tessa Sawyer’s at healthline.com, they seem to refute the myth as well.

Check this link for more information. healthline.com.

Myth #4: Cutting your hair will make it grow thicker, longer and faster.


This is due to the fact that cutting the ends of your hair, (especially if you have hair damage and split ends) stops hair damage from spreading. Based on research at style craze, studies have found that trimming ends, restore life, luster and health to your hair.

Myth 5: Burying your hair under a growing tree, helps it to grow longer.


This myth I give credit to the elderly folks in the Caribbean who filled my head with these stories. There is not much evidence or research to support this myth. However, from my own experience and having tried this, I have seen no direct correlation to this myth.

Needless to say, is it realistically probable to tell exactly that by simply placing my hair under a tree it caused it to grow? What if it was the new hair product or vitamin I tried? How long would I even have to wait to see results? Would I be burying my hair daily? All these aren’t strong questions to conduct research to test this myth. However, it was fun to add this myth on here.

Myth 6: Shaving makes hair grow back thicker than before and waving makes hair grow back thinner.


It just sounds false, that’s my argument and end of story!

No but really, this one dates back to since I was just entering puberty, many moons ago. Health personnel at mayoclinic clearly state that this myth is so very not true and that’s all I need to hear so I can continue shaving, even though Nair is so much faster.

However, according to livestrong.com , waxing does make hair thinner. So half the myth is true. It still won’t make your hair thicker though, so use that information how you want to.

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