5 Things Simple girls want for Valentine’s Day.

There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.” 

George Sand
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So Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and if you have a significant other you may be nervous about what to get her. First off, I honestly don’t believe in Valentine’s day based on personal experience and the belief that love should not be commercially celebrated on just one day. However, it’s no fun listening to your girlfriends brag about the truckload of gifts showered onto them either, thus the dilemma continues.

After surveying some friends, I’ve composed a list of 5 popular answers that simple girls want. You can define simple how you would like to. However, simple in this post means, not needing too much to be happy.

5. Spa Day/ Relaxation Time

Girls enjoy being pampered so whether it’s for a few minutes or hours, some quiet relaxation time is all she needs to clear her head. So think along the lines of a massage, soak in the jacuzzi, an actual spa. Plus, she’ll be so awed of such a thoughtful gift that hearts may start flying all over again.

4. A letter

Time to profess your love! No just kidding. Girls like to see and feel that you’re thinking about her. Therefore, surprise her with a post-it note on the mirror saying, “you are so beautiful” or, a short letter that is not vague and highlights all the positive things that she does. If you decide to get a card, please don’t get the store bought ones and just simply right her name. I mean how impersonal can you be? Remember, girls like to feel that you’re personally thinking about her.

3. Jewelry

Seriously, this goes without saying, but i’ll say it anyway. I have not met a girl who doesn’t like some form of jewelry. Now, I’m not saying to go get a diamond ring but maybe a small pair of earrings, a personalized bracelet, something unusual that is handmade, maybe from etsy or any jewelry you know she’ll like.

2. Chocolate/ Flowers/Dinner Date

These are the typical things and honestly, not every girl likes chocolates or flowers. However, if you cared enough, you would do the research to show her you’ve been listening. Maybe she simply likes chocolate covered strawberries, or you can pick a flower from your garden. Wait! Can you still legally pick flowers? Anyway, the point is not to be elaborate and buy the biggest bouquet that you most likely can’t afford.

If you decide to go to dinner, trust me from experience, just don’t, unless you don’t mind the crowds because everybody is going to dinner. Instead, cook her a meal and if the weather permits go have a picnic. In New York, the weather does not permit, but that shouldn’t stop you from an indoor picnic and her favorite wine off course (if she likes wine). Keep it simple, it will have greater meaning and she will cherish the little things more.

This post was not titled “5 things luxury girls want for Valentine’s” just for the simple girls who honestly don’t require a lot.

Without further adieu…

1. Time

So notice, nowhere in this post does it say throw your money at her. So unless your girl is asking for money which is another story, don’t expect to give her money and think that’ll make her happy for Valentine’s. She wants your time. She just wants to be around you and enjoy your company. After, work, just giver her a few hours of your time, doing anything she wants. Then, I’m sure she’ll be so tired, she’ll just be ready to call it a night and go home dreaming about you. If you live together, then that’s also another story.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

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