5 Natural Hair Accessories I can’t live without

[bctt tweet=”Since liberating my hair from chemicals five years ago, my hair has thanked me.”] It is now in it’s healthiest state except when I get mean and put too much heat on it.

Every, I use these 5 hair accessories otherwise I might be on the brink of a bad hair day.

5. Spray Bottle

Spray bottles allow for easy application to hair.

[bctt tweet=”So we know that water causes shrinkage to natural hair. However, water also adds and helps moisture to retain.”] When I use the spray bottle, I don’t use too much water or product.

In addition, I rotate between water or a moisturizing hair product. The spray bottle is simply used to evenly apply whatever product or amount of water I choose to use. It also helps to revitalize dry curls when using a spray bottle in this way.

4. Large Elastic hair bands

Hair savers for thick hair.

Little elastic bands work also, however, since my hair is very thick, the large bands work best. They allow my hair to be held securely but still be free. I can wrap it around to hold it as tightly as needed or keep it loose to avoid ‘ouchies’.

3. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are always needed to keep stray hair in place. Everyday, I find myself having to use a Bobby pin for an array of styles. Bobby pins are extremely cheap and once used correctly, they hold the most resilient hair in place.

2. Detangler Brush

Kareco Detangler Flexi brush at Walmart

This detangler brush is a definite must. It moves through my hair and has never broken in the two years or more that I’ve had it. Trust me, I’ve bought expensive brushes where the bristles broke or just came out and could no longer be used. My sister even stole my first brush and I had to immediately replace it. [bctt tweet=”Once I was introduced to this brush, I never turned back. It’s a thick hair, life saver. It’s flexible and moves as I brush, plus, it detangles every strand.”]

1. Headbands

Headbands are magic.

Photo courtesy Pinterest.

The number one hair accessory, definitely would have to be headbands. They add so much fun and glamour to natural hair. Headbands can include bows, flowers, pearls; be crocheted or satin, anything your heart desires.

These are my must have accessories for my daily hair routine. What are yours? Comment below.

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