5 Ab Machines you shouldn’t ignore.

I have a love hate relationship with the gym. I enjoy going but I also don’t like the crowds when I get there. It’s a major deterrent.

Thankfully, the weather is getting nicer so I’ll be able to work outdoors as I continue my fitness journey. In the meantime, these are the machines I’ve learned not to skip in order to tone my lower stomach.

45 Degree Hyperextension Bench

The Hyperextension Bench or Roman chair is good for obliques, strengthening your back and working your upper abs. Also, it is beginner friendly or could be made more intense when adding weights.

Ab Coaster

I’m not to sure every gym has this because I’ve not seen this in my time at planet fitness. They have a similar machine that has weights attached and forces your body to go into a crunch. However, when I joined Blink fitness, I was surprised to see this machine and immediately tried it out. It has been fun and rewarding ever since.

Vertical Knee Raise

After having kids, my lower belly has always been my problem area. These simple exercises have gradually began to tone my lower stomach. Since I consider fitness a lifestyle, I know I’ll eventually reach my goals once I solidify my consistency habits.

When doing vertical knee raises, you’re essentially using your lower body weight to tone your core muscles. Stick with this exercise to see the results.

Extend your legs straight in front or to the side, get creative but be consistent. My problem is consistency, however, it’s a goal I’m working on in my fitness journey.

Semi Recumbent Ab Bench

This ab bench works your lower body as you form a crunch. It is best to start with a lower weight and then gradually increase when you are first using this machine.

However, for moderate and advanced fitness enthusiasts, muscles are engaged more when you begin with the strongest weight your body can handle, then gradually tone down.

Stair Master

The stair master is an all around work out. As long as you don’t suffer from knee or leg pain, the stair master does it all.

If you can last five minutes, just two times a week, you will see results quickly. This is because similar to a treadmill, the stair master burns calories while working your abs, legs, and glutes.

[bctt tweet= “With fitness, you have to be consistent to see results. If you don’t put in the work, don’t expect the results.” ]

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